How Can Youth Advertising Help You?

Join the Youth Advertising movement by customizing your organization’s daily supplies with the value it needs to succeed.

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Double pocketed folders are versatile. They provide students the ability to organize their work, and maximize their time.

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Book Covers

Book covers prolong the life of textbooks and create school spirit. Not only will your school save on replacing damaged books, but also promote positive messages to the students.

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Day Planners

Day planners, which are lightweight and functional, allow teachers and students to communicate on assignments, projects, and deadlines.

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Advertising can be expensive. But not with Youth Advertising. Our cost per impression is low, making your advertisement affordable.  You will enjoy millions of Daily Impressions throughout the year for only pennies per day. And your ad will be exclusive! You won’t fight for visibility with other businesses in your industry.

Business Strategy

It’s simple. When you buy advertisement, you ensure that the youth in your community will receive high quality school products that promote positive messages.  Your investment will provide these products that will last all year. As an added benefit, you are reinforcing the relationships you have worked hard to establish within the community. Because of your support, organizations save money that can be spent on education and positive messages will reach families and you will promote goodwill, which leads to business opportunities.

Graphic Design

At Youth Advertising, we take pride in our work.  Our professional staff is experience at designing beautiful, compelling ads. Full-Color, Photo-Quality artwork.  Simply provide us your copy, logo, and colors and our graphic artists will do the rest. Our artists design thousands of Full-Color pieces of artwork per year so you can rest assured your business will be professionally represented.

Brand Awareness

Showcasing your brand to students while helping to educate students on the topics of bullying, internet safety, drug prevention and anti-violence.

Target Market

Your exclusive message will reach your target market every day. Research indicates people pay close attention to materials from their child’s school. Students, parents and faculty will see your ad every day, reinforcing your message and brand millions of times per day.


Community & Fundraising

Bringing together schools, sheriff departments, fire departments, and the entire community.

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